MPU preparation to avoid driving under the influence of drugs

Questionnaire for the MPU to avoid driving under the influence of drugs

General question

How do I understand the authority’s concerns about my fitness to drive? Why do I have to take an MPU (Medical-Psychological Examination)? What is the purpose of the MPU? How do I want to make it clear that I will drive a vehicle safely on the road in the future?

Questions for drug-impaired drivers

1. Analysis of my drug conspicuity(ies) on the road

1.1. When was the last time I used drugs before driving? How did it come about? Did I also drink alcohol while doing this?

1.2. Why did I decide to drive even though I was under the influence of drugs? To what extent did distorted perceptions involving imprudence, indifference, disinhibition, and overestimation of myself due to intoxication play a role? To what extent did I feel fit to start driving as a result of drug habituation?

If the driving took place with a drug residual from another day, why didn’t I anticipate it?

1.3. What problems have occurred as a result of driving under drug influence?

1.4. (In case of a high drug concentration in the body:)

How did it come about that I could get behind the wheel of a vehicle with such a high concentration of drugs in my body? and be able to drive it in traffic to some extent? Had I built up a habituation from frequent and/or repeated heavy drug use?

1.5. How else did I separate a drug use and an alcohol use from driving a car/motorcycle/bicycle?

Have I nevertheless driven other times with significant drug concentrations in the bodyso that the inhibition threshold to drive under the influence of drugs again was no longer so high due to repetition and experience?

1.6. (In the case of multiple driving under the influence of drugs and/or alcohol on record:)

Why have I repeatedly been found driving under the influence of drugs and possibly also under the influence of alcohol, even though I had already been punished for this? Why have I not been able to learn definitively from the previous admonitions and punishments?


2. My learning history with drugs

Please describe your experience with drug use from the beginning to the present. Alternatively, you can illustrate this more graphically in the “My Learning History with Alcohol/Drugs” sheet if it is easier for you.

1. Start your account with the first time you used drugs and felt their effects.

2a. Then describe the development of your drug use in chronological order (indicating age and/or calendar years) and in relation to events and life circumstances that had an influence on it and state your motivations.

2b. Also indicate the amounts and frequency of drugs used during each period (both usual and maximum amounts).

3. Have you also consumed alcohol? If so, how often, on what occasions, and what quantities?

4. if you have since stopped using drugs, please state the circumstances and reasons for this change.

3. Assessment of my drug use and the drug risk it has created.

3.1. What were the desired effects of consumption in my leisure and daily life?

3.2. What were my motives for using drugs in general? To what extent did I compensate or try to cope with problems by the consumption? How did this relate to my personal development?

3.3. What were the immediate negative effects and what were the long-term negative effects of consumption?

3.4. In what situations did I purposefully dose and time my consumption?

3.5. In which situations did I control the consumed amount less well or not at all? To what extent was I also generally disinhibited in the process and not in control of my statements and actions?

3.6. Has it happened that I have completely lost control of consumption and have had a strong intoxication? How often? What negative effects has this had (e.g., failure to think rationally, perceptual disturbances, confusion, cardiovascular problems, nausea)?

3.7. To what extent has a physical development of tolerance and a psychological habituation to the drug(s) existed?

For example, did I have a stronger need to use drugs?

Have I sometimes found it difficult to say “no” to occasions of consumption?

Did the need to use drugs to make myself feel good again occur?

3.8. To what extent has an abuse in the sense of repeated and regular use with loss of control, increasing importance in my everyday life, neglect of other interests, negative feedback from my close environment and with the consequence of psychological and physical damage developed?

3.9. Has it come to a psychological dependence in the sense of a strong desire or urge to use drugs, inability to stop, avoidance of discomfort and restlessness, and constant loss of control?

3.10. Has there been physical dependence on the drugs with exceptionally high tolerance development and withdrawal symptoms?

Final question on section 3:

Based on my answers above, how do I assess the extent of my drug exposure? Have I had any risky drug use? Have I even been inside an abuse? Have I had a drug addiction?

4. My changes in the meantime

4.1. How am I doing with my drug refrain In the meantime? What benefits / positive changes do I experience as a result?

4.2. In the meantime, what other alternatives have I found in my free time for entertainment, recreation, creativity, relaxation and stress relief? To what extent do I want to expand these alternatives?

4.3 What else would I like to change and do better? How do I want to make it?

5. Considerations for the future

5.1. How do I want to deal with drugs / alcohol in the future?

5.2. If I am going to drink alcohol, on what occasions and what quantities?

5.3. (In case of possible future occasional and controlled use of cannabis and / or alcohol:) How do I want to separate future use from driving a motor vehicle or bicycle?

5.4. What temptations/critical situations might arise that put me at risk of using drugs/drinking a lot of alcohol and then possibly driving a vehicle? How can I deal with such critical situations so that I avoid mistakes in time?







5.5. In general, what do I want to watch out for in the future to keep it good and avoid risky drug use/abuse again?





5.6. Where can I get support for problems and critical situations in the future?

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