Your MPU preparation in good hands

Your MPU preparation in good hands

MPU check and MPU preparation

You can complete a detailed MPU check and an effective MPU preparation with us. We can work together in a few individual sessions or in a course with few participants

  • work out why you have had problems with your driving licence,
  • Develop sustainable and stable changes to solve these problems
  • and finally, develop possibilities for effective prevention for the future.

The success rate of our clients in recent years has been 90% without having to repeat the MPU and 99% for a repetition. This was made possible because we offer a scientifically sound and practically proven concept of MPU preparation that has been developed over many years.

At the beginning of your MPU preparation, I gain personal insight into your file, clarify open questions with your driver's license office, organize necessary abstinence certificates together with you and also work together with your lawyer. As a specialist psychologist for traffic psychology (BDP), I attach great importance to providing you with the best possible expert help. At the end of our joint work, you will finally receive a confirmation of participation from the specialist for submission to your driving licence office and MPU assessment centre.

With us you will find qualified help at fair conditions. The cost of an MPU preparation is 100 € per hour including VAT. In the case of social indications (e.m. due to unemployment, training and studies, high family obligations), you can pay the reduced amount of 85 € per hour incl. VAT. (if necessary, we can talk about other possibilities). For the preparation of your admission (reading the documents sent to us, clarifying open questions with authorities and lawyers, handing over documents for your homework) and writing a detailed certificate of participation at the end of your traffic therapy, we charge another hour at the beginning of the joint work. In the standard case, individual treatment will comprise 6-12 individual hours including our preparations. If necessary, you can arrange further support with us. 

You can reach me by phone Monday to Saturday from 10:00-14:00 and Tuesday to Friday from 16:00-20:00 under 089/ 48 92 02 98 or 0174/ 236 62 02 and otherwise by email. If I am engrossed in the sessions or otherwise, I will call you back.

The Medical-Psychological Examination

The driving licence offices order a medical-psychological examination (MPU) in the following cases:

  • repeated driving with alcohol
  • an alcohol ride with more than 1.6 per thousand with a motorized vehicle or by bicycle
  • 8 or more points in the central traffic register in Flensburg
  • aggressive behaviour in and out of road traffic
  • significant abnormalities in the probationary period after attending an advanced seminar, an optional traffic psychology consultation with point reduction and an interim driver's license withdrawal over three months
  • Driving without a driver's license with subsequent withdrawal of driver's license
  • Driving under the influence of drugs
  • Doubts about the ability to drive as a result of regular drug use

The MPU is an exam. Like any exam, it sets standards that you must meet to pass it. Qualified MPU preparation is one of the standards that the reviewers expect from you for a positive MPU assessment. The MPU preparation is voluntary, but your driver's license office and assessment office expect you to seek expert help.

Without the use of professional help, very few manage to pass the MPU. With this in mind, take an upcoming MPU seriously and prepare for it thoroughly. Inquire early on whether you need to do one and also whether you need to provide proof of abstinence or if it may be beneficial for you if you teach some. In many cases, the latter are to be conducted over a whole year in the case of an alcohol or drug question.

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